Buyer Broker Scottsdale Arizona Real Estate

Buyer Broker Scottsdale Arizona Real Estate

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Buyer Broker Scottsdale Arizona Real Estate.  There are two types of  Scottsdale Real Estate Agents with hybrids of both.  The first is a “Buyer Broker” or “Buyer Real Estate Representative“.

The “Buyer Broker” represents the Buyer of Real Estate in  Scottsdale Arizona.  His or her task is to represent the “Buyer” in the purchase of homes, land or lots in  Scottsdale.  The “Buyer Broker” is the go-between of the transaction communicating with the “Seller” and/or the “Seller Broker“.

The “Buyer Broker” represents the wishes and best interest of the “Buyer” by carefully studying the prevailing real estate market conditions and advising the “Buyer” of pricing, conditions, known potential changes in the real estate market as well as suggesting the services of 3rd parties that may include; mortgage lenders, surveyors, inspectors and other 3rd parties that may be involved in the purchase of real estate.

The “Buyer Broker” in a real estate transaction “only represents the interest of the buyer“.

The job of the Buyer Broker is to represent the buyer and facilitate the real estate transaction.  This will require knowledge of the buyer’s financial limitations as well as the desired needs and requirements of the purchaser.  Competent buyer broker representation will require not only knowing the buyer, but will include the ability to provide diligence and research of the real estate, providing all of the pro’s and con’s of the property, the area, and the trends affecting the property.  To adequately represent a buyer as a buyer broker, the agent  must be somewhat of a detective, ferreting out all things about the property as well as the sellers, and their motives of the sale.

If you are buying real estate in  ScottsdaleNorth Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Carefree or Rio Verde Arizona, utilize the services of a “buyer broker” that has insight on the prevailing market conditions of the area as well as provide the expertise to provide you with the services of 3rd parties to facilitate the purchase of real estate.

With over 40 years of full-time real estate experience, I provide Buyer Broker services to fully know the market and prevailing conditions of the Scottsdale Real Estate Market.  And, even better, I handled all of the transaction myself, no teams, no pass offs to assistants less knowledgeable.



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