Christian Realtor Scottsdale Arizona

Christian Realtor Scottsdale Arizona

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Christian Realtor Scottsdale Arizona.  I must say that the creation of this page giving my testimony to the world that my private faith is intertwined with my business beliefs and practice created a bit of anxiety as to how to properly  represent myself without being offensive to non-christians, then it dawned upon me…..  Does it really matter?  I have been granted grace because of my faith and I pray for those that have not yet accepted the Grace of the Godhead. That is all I can do….the rest is up to them accepting Jesus Christ as their saviour. So, while preparing this I thought of a picture that hangs in my home with scripture from Isaiah that sums it up.

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Are we in a “fallen world”….yes.

Are we all “sinners”…yes.

Can we receive “Grace”…yes, by accepting Jesus Christ into our hearts.  Is there “perfection”…..yes, but only God is perfect.  Can we strive to be “perfect”…yes, but we will and should, but it is not attainable in our humanly form.

My Testimony-  I was raised as a “cultural Christian”.  Not spoken offensively nor belittleing, but only as a statement as my parents exposed me to religion the best way they knew how.  I commonly refer to my upbringing and much of my life experience as a “Sunday Christian”, whereby we would go to Sunday School, Church, Sing, Sit, Sing some more, my mind would drift during the sermon, have lunch, go home and prepare for the next 6 days in the battleground of the “fallen world”, even surrounded and interacting in business with  many of my congregation members, they doing the same thing.

Two children were brought into my marriage, a son and a daughter.  They too were raised being “Cultural Christians”.  Each has turned out as well as one could expect but they do not share the depth of belief at this time.

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I succumbed to the “Fallen World”, divorced and married another “Cultural Christian”.  Each of has have our share of baggage.  The relationship suffered as a result and we, me in particular, was brought to my knees (that being an understatement)  in desparation seeking something, a meaning, a reason, for why we live in this crazy world.

Jesus reached out to me and I accepted his Love and Grace, that too, being an understatement as I accepted it  “when it was convenient”.  Needless to say, I was, and am still, a work in progress….as we all are.

The final blow that knocked me flat on my face was when I asked to be baptized, for the second time.  The process involved meeting with a Church Elder after writing out a 3oo word testimony.  The Elder read my testimony, called me, we talked, and basically he described me as a “Foxhole Christian”.  While this was a terribly offensive statement, it was the truth…but isn’t that how most of us became a Christian?

It took some time, but he was put into my life for a purpose, and now through  a “growing process”, I get it….as two statements I make…”Seek, See, Surrender” and “Eyes to See, Ears to Hear”.  It requires all words in each statement to be complete, or better said, “completely incomplete”.

My worship involves me in two bible based churches, Highlands Church of Scottsdale and Scottsdale Bible Church.  Each Church has a set of common beliefs that are all based upon the Scripture and the Word.   And that is how I try to lead my daily life, not just one day out of the week.

Now, the next question you might have would be “What is your experience”?  I will keep as explanatory and brief as possible.

  • 40 Years as a Fulltime Real Estate Broker
  • All facets of the real estate industry including:  Luxury, Acreage, Golf Course Homes, Horse Properties, Commercial (All facets)
  • Real Estate Brokerage Owner and Operator for 23 years, Re/Max Texas Heritage Realtors, Bryan, Texas
  • B.S. and M.S. Texas A & M University, 1977/79
  • Real Estate Owner, Multi-family, Retail, Strip, Self Storage, Office, Office Warehouse, Residential Development

If you desire to see the complete resume’ and services,  you can see it at Scottsdale Arizona Christian Realtor

So what can I do for you?

Provide you with Christian Principles and Christian Practices and Christian Faith in your real estate search.  After you pray about it please give me a call.


My main website is located at:

And, a little more information about my business practices……40 years of full-time real estate service.  Old School, I don’t utilize a team and I don’t rely nor adhere to “Volume of Transactions”, you work with me, and only me, you won’t be handed off to an “associate”.

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Jeff McDowell, North Scottsdale Realtor 623.262.0811 EMAIL ME

By Jeff McDowell

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